Welcome to our family's journey towards a more sustainable future! We are Dana, Julie & Mike a busy entertainment industry family attempting to live life off the grid in Los Angeles, California. We live in the hills with a back drop of the Santa Monica Mountain preserve-- a country appearance, but we are only a 3 mile drive from the city. Our goal is to live as off the grid as possible in our current home, and soon build a completely sustainable house complete with solar panels, chickens, and more!

Our journey has just begun, but we have high hopes to document our steps towards a more sustainable future, while starting a positive conversation on key topics for the betterment of our planet. To think it all started when we found out what a negative impact straws have on our oceans. Straws! Our minds were blown and our lives were changed.

Interested in partnering and/or getting in touch? Drop us a line at offthegrid.city@gmail.com